I use Cannonballs trumpets and Pickett Mouthpiece from Pickett Brass.

During my career I’ve tried many brands of trumpets. For many years my favorite brand was Bach. To me, they’re much easier to play than Yamaha.

A couple of years ago I tried a Cannonball trumpet in a stop during a tour in Utah salt lake city. I fell in love with how easy it is to play. As easy as the Bach and with a sound leaning towards Yamaha. The best of both worlds! I use the "725 pro model Bb" (regular weight and regular bell), and the new Lynx.

Cannonball Music

Pickett Brass

Yamaha flugelhorn model "Bobby Shew" – Jupiter Professional Model

Piccolo P5 4 shilke with a shilke 10S

C trumpet Bach Philadelphia

Benge Burbank

Calicchio 1S/9